Are You Risking Enough In Your Network Marketing/Direct Selling Business?

Not to say you have to create undue stress in your life, but I know with absolute certainty that your ability to create what you want in your network marketing or direct sales business is in direct correlation to how comfortable you are with taking risks.

The people who accomplish great things in life are risk-takers. If you look at history, it’s filled with leaders who had the courage to “push the envelope” and take risks – like exploring unknown territories, taking a stand for human rights, pursuing “insane ideas” or expressing radical, unpopular opinions. And we reap the benefits everyday because of these brave people, and how their actions transformed our world for the better.

Risk creates movement and evolution.

It’s the key to unlocking your real potential!

Without risk, you’re doomed to stay in the same place, as the same kind of person, creating the same results. But if you’re willing to take a risk and step outside your comfort zone (even a little) you’ll experience some immediate payoffs! What’s the most immediate benefit you’ll experience by pushing yourself? You get to find out WHO you really are and what you’re truly capable of.

There’s a saying you’ve likely heard… “Our deepest fear is not that we’re inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we’re powerful beyond measure.” So let me ask you – do you know WHO you are, really? Are you tapping into your real talents or just scratching the surface?

Bottom line… are you risking enough?

There’s a theory that your business is a reflection of WHO you are – if it’s not growing, you’re probably not growing. If that’s true for you, perhaps now is the time to take a risk?

This doesn’t mean jumping out of an airplane, throwing your life savings in the stock market, or swimming with sharks – although all can be life changing! Obviously, it’s important to take smart risks (not reckless ones).

I believe the risks that create the biggest changes are sometimes the simplest ones. For example, what if you decided today to:

* Tell the truth, especially when it’s really difficult…

* Pick up the phone and start making calls (you don’t have to do this perfectly, just do it!)

* Be completely honest with people on your team – lovingly “confront them” when they are saying one thing, but doing another

* Be bold enough to ask for what you want – from your spouse, your team, your customers…

* Approach someone on your chicken list (you won’t die if they say no, but your confidence in yourself will grow just by taking this action)

* Share your goals and ask someone to support you in being accountable with your actions…

* Make a commitment to take better care of yourself…

* Stop trying to be “perfect” and start being “real”….

* Want more for yourself than you think you deserve…

* Stop pushing so hard to make things happen, and trust the process more…

* Say NO when you have to, even if it means disappointing someone…

* Give up “selling” and look for opportunities to “serve”…

* Create a bigger vision for your business and believe it can really happen…

* Do one thing today that is outside your comfort zone… then tomorrow, do it again!

* If you’ve poured yourself into your business, but haven’t accomplished what you want – yet… be willing to risk believing! Trust that you can start anew, right now.. and that the past DOES NOT equal the future!

WHO would you become by making such changes? How could your life or business change as a result? Although these sound like small risks, they take courage. Sometimes the simplest and most subtle changes are the most challenging to make.

Where can you risk more? What action makes you uncomfortable? What’s outside your comfort zone? What decision would scare you to death and totally excite you at the same time?

The main reason most people don’t take risks is because they’re afraid of failing or not creating the result they want. But there’s more to taking risks than just the end result. The side effects are even more important: taking risks, even small risks, builds character and gives you the opportunity to experience a bigger part of yourself.

People who take risks become bold, confident, and fearless because they’ve touched and experienced their real potential. WHO you are changes the MOMENT you take a risk – that’s the real win. The success and results that eventually come from “risking” are just icing on the cake.

The more risks you take, the bolder you become. Are you risking enough? Only you know the answer, but consider this:

By NOT moving outside your comfort zone, you are actually taking a risk, a different kind of risk. You’ve made a choice to keep your life secure and predictable, but it will also be limited.

You won’t have the opportunity to discover the deepest parts of yourself or experience the confidence and fulfillment that comes with pushing your own envelope. That is perhaps the biggest risk of all.

Sonia Stringer is a professional speaker, coach and popular mentor to women in the network marketing/direct selling profession. Known as “The Women’s Business Coach,” she is fast becoming the “go to expert” for women who want to build a 6-7 figure business from home. Sonia’s unique approach can help you earn a great income AND set up your business so you have more time (to spend with your family or doing what you love).

US Dollar Index – Can We Use it As a Benchmark For Overall Market Direction in Forex Trading?

How good is the US Dollar Index for forex traders? Can you use it like the stock indexes DOW JONES and the S&P 500 as a benchmark for the overall market direction. The conventional wisdom in stock trading is to find the direction of the market from one of the indexes like the DOW or the S&P 500, find the strongest sector and finally winnow down to the strongest stock in the sector. The premise is this that a rising tide lifts all boats!

Can we use the US Dollar Index in forex trading like the the stock indexes in stock trading? Most probably not. US Dollar index is a totally different animal. If you ask any economist how good is the US Dollar Index, he may say it is no good. Since 1999, when the EURO replaced 12 European currencies, US Dollar Index (USDX) hasn’t changed much.

Now USDX is comprised 73% of European currencies. This limits it’s usefulness as a benchmark comprised of basket of currencies. So it may not be good at representing USDJPY currency pair or perhaps any other currency pair involving USD apart from USDEUR to some extent. What we can say is that it has uncertain value in trading individual currency pairs.

However, it may have a limited value in trading commodities like the gold and crude oil. But there is a US Dollar Index Indicator that you use to predict the market direction. Watch this video that shows two powerful indicators that can change the way you have been trading forex!

Make Money Regardless Of Market Direction

When it comes to trading the way I do direction hardly matters. Down is OK, up is always better, sideways is the best revenge.

When you trade options there are lots of ways to win: You can profit whether shares fall a little, when they climb higher or if they don’t do much at all. Contrast that with the standard method of investing which is to just out right buy a stock. You can only profit if it goes up.

Even when you first purchase a stock, you are already in the red. The purchase price (ask) is always higher than the sell price (bid). Plus there are commissions. Unless you are a floor trader who doesn’t pay commissions and can take advantage of arbitrage, there is no such thing as a sure winner.

That said there are ways to put the odds in your favor. Selling puts, when used in the proper manner, is one of the most misunderstood yet valuable transactions in the Market. For one thing, you immediately start in the black, by getting a cash credit to put a position on. You don’t even have to own the stock, you merely take on the possibility of owning it at a discount price. Think of it as shopping for a car. Do you ever pay sticker price?

The strategy I use involves either one of two types of trades- either sell a put with the possibility of owning the stock OR sell a call option against a stock I already own.

The key to all trading is to limit your risk, either by using technical analysis or stick to the highest quality “boring” household name companies that have been around for decades. In my case, using a combination of both these strategies increases the odds of success greatly.

That said you never want to overpay for a stock, even if it is a great company. But with simple charting observations, you can identify price points where the big money starts to come in to support.

Let’s take an example from one of my 25 list favorites, retail giant Walmart. Walmart is a holding in super investor Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway and has increased its dividend payout for many years. All the makings of a great company.